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by Heather on June 8, 2012

Tonight’s the night! Big opening night bash for HMA6: YOUTH at PIKTO starts around 6pm. As my first foray into curation, it’s been such an interesting experience- I’m totally in love with the show but I can’t wait to hear what y’all think.

Natasha V’s photography is such an interesting addition to this show. As a still life shooter, she had perhaps the hardest task for this exhibit. But, I’ve always been a fan of her photography and her work ethic and I knew she would be able to crack this one. From the outset I had her pegged for the back wall of PIKTO and indeed, her huge print (60″x90″) looks fantastic. Here’s a detail from the larger work:

About her work Natasha says:

At first, this “Youth” concept was a challenge for me. My, and I think your, first thought was to pull some items from my own youth and photograph them. I came to Canada in 1994, from Sarajevo (Bosnia), where my whole life up to that time was left behind, including all personal items. You know, as hard as that is, in some ways it’s a liberating thing to come to a new place and start over. It’s like moving from a bachelor apartment to a house! But still, I get very nostalgic at times about things I used to love very much, and wanted to keep “forever”. A friend from Sarajevo brought me his old suitcase with things he brought with him to Canada, and there they were, organized in small bags, all the memories! That’s how I keep things too, I like putting them in zip-loc bags! So, the idea of Preserving Youth was born. The one or two objects (and some people have boxes of them) that are your Youth. The Icons! I wished for the first time I had a video camera for this project – I absolutely loved hearing the stories about these objects, and the laughs!

And me, I am feeling a bit like a magpie, enjoying all those beautiful things on my set, that somehow, almost all, look like they are from my zip-loc bags.

And, just to add some more eye candy to this post, Natasha (along with two others from HMA6: YOUTH: Derek Shapton and Lee Towndrow) was nominated for two National Magazine Awards last night. Here’s one of the beautiful shots that landed her the nod:

The colour! The light! The shadow! Natasha has always had a dramatic and strong aesthetic approach to her work. I’m so glad to have her in this show.

Don’t forget- HMA6 Curates: Youth opens TONIGHT at PIKTO in the Distillery. Feel free to RSVP on Facebook here so I can look forward to seeing you there.

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