More on YOUTH: Derek Shapton’s Memories

by Heather on June 7, 2012

So the show is up, the catalogue has been printed, the beer is being chilled, the little red stickers are standing by- and after a bunch of hard work from the artists and the good folks at PITKO, HMA6: YOUTH is set to open tomorrow night! According to FB, we’ve got over 140 stopping by. Hope you’re one of them.

As I see the show hung finally at PIKTO, I’m so pleased with the diversity of work that we’ve pulled together. If you’re a people shooter, investigating youth can be straightforward enough (although all of my photographers are bringing something very different to this show- a testament to how broad the category of “people shooting” really is). But the last two photographers I’m going to profile, are showing Landscape and Still Life work- yes, curious indeed.

In Derek Shapton case, he’s showing landscape images that have special significance from his youth. I’ve actually blogged about this series in the past. To read the interview go here. Or… you could watch this video in which Derek revisits the sites of his landscape shots:

This series is about 4 years old now and I thought it would be interesting for Derek to update us on how his thoughts about the work have evolved. My question to him:

You shot this series several years ago- since it has to do with memory and watching your own children experience the world, I’m curious about how your perception of the series has changed since first shooting it.

Since shooting the series, we’ve actually had a third child, and I think if anything that the images have become even more meaningful. We have a couple of them hanging in our house, and the kids are utterly fascinated by them. They’ve seen the whole series, of course, and ask me about the pictures all the time, even making up stories about them to each other and to their friends.They seem particularly fascinated by the idea of me as a child – it’s hard for me to imagine my dad as a kid, and I have the benefit of an adult’s perspective, so it must be even harder for them.

Seeing this happen — watching images of my memories taking on a new life as elements in my children’s memories — is incredibly gratifying, and feels weirdly profound in a way I hadn’t envisioned a few years ago.

And, if you’re not reading Derek’s fantastic blog: Planet Shapton, you should be. Check it out and subscribe here.

Don’t forget- HMA6 Curates: Youth opens tomorrow at PIKTO in the Distillery. Feel free to RSVP on Facebook here so I can look forward to seeing you there.

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