More on YOUTH: Johan Hallberg-Campbell’s Commitments

by Heather on June 5, 2012

Johan Hallberg-Campbell is not a Doctor but he plays one at the PIKTO Art Gallery. Here he is hanging HMA6: YOUTH last week:

© Rodrigo Daguerre

But truthfully Johan does have a role to play in health care. He has had a long working relationship with the Canadian Red Cross and in the middle of hanging the show last Friday he got a call that he was to be on a plane by 5pm, heading to Thunder Bay to cover the flooding. Ever the professional, he somehow managed to finish hanging the show prior to the flight. Here are some of images from his time in Thunder Bay:

And it was the Red Cross that brought Johan to Attawapiskat last fall. While he was there, Johan stole some quiet moments with a few young people and from that body of work, he’s chosen 4 pieces to show in HMA6: YOUTH.

There is a tremendous amount of sensitivity that any shooter needs to bring to these types of assignments. What struck me about Johan’s Attawapiskat work was how particular and human it looked. Rather than just showing a tragedy or iconizing a community marginalized and in crisis, Johan was able to cut through the cliche and show us the person behind the events. Indeed, here is how Johan’s practice is described:

His documentary work focuses on capturing the visual manifestation of the latent concept of “place”. Exploring what it means to belong to a community and have traditions rooted in heritage, and alternatively what happens when one’s “place” is altered, removed, distorted and shifted.

Johan’s a busy guy. His solo show Coastal is on display at the Harbourfront Gallery until mid July and he’s set to open as part of an outdoor group show, also at Harbourfront called Uncharted Waters. It opens on June 21 and runs for a year.

Here’s a shot from Attawapiskat. Come to the show to see the rest.

Don’t forget- HMA6 Curates: Youth opens on the 8th at PIKTO in the Distillery. Feel free to RSVP on Facebook here so I can look forward to seeing you there.

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