More on YOUTH: Mark Peckmezian’s Approach

by Heather on May 22, 2012

So it’s just over a week until HMA6 Curates: Youth hangs at PIKTO gallery. As you’ll recall, we’ve got a fantastic line up of shooters showing work that’s loosely connected to the theme: Youth. One of the artists who’s long been associated (and I’m defining “long” as the 2 years since he burst on the scene as a one-to-watch Ryerson grad) with shooting pretty young things, is Mark Peckmezian.

But Mark isn’t stagnating- far from it, he welcomed this opportunity to take another, different look at the subject. About the theme “Youth” he says:

I was thinking that the “straight” or naive approach to the theme would be to just play to popular conceptions or idealizations of youth — and I certainly have photos that do that. I used to make a lot of work like this. But in the past few years, I don’t know….I don’t really buy it anymore, I guess. I think a lot of what we see in such photos, by myself or others, is to some degree performance: all these kids, my peers, are hyper self-conscious and incredibly media-savvy. All too often I’ll be out shooting snapshots and hear someone whisper that the photo just taken of them would make a good Facebook profile pic, or some such comment. Once I heard someone, who was running around with some friends on an golf course at night, shout out “why isn’t this being photographed?!”

I think that I now try to approach this subject in a more clear-eyed and honest way — showing the good and bad, wonderful and absurd. I have started an informal project to document this culture more critically (I think there is so much vanity and superficiality among this generation) but also, if I am to actually transcend that at all, with more empathy as well (not pretending that the vanity undermines all the good that also exists, and also understanding that vanity as something woefully, and sort of beautifully, human). The photo of the “kids in the grass” plays to this (Heather says: come to the show to see what image he’s referring to…) – I love that you said “kids,” that’s exactly what I was going for, I wanted to render them (these over-the-top hipster friends of mine, these peacocks, so highly decorated) as children playing in grass, stripped of their affect, innocent.

Finding a good balance is hard though, because I still want to document it relatively straight. I think I’m still working out the kinks, refining my understanding and expression. It’s been a big undercurrent in my work these past few years, I’m sort of on a mission to do this right.

Bravo sir.

I’ve seen the work-in-progress layout of Mark’s selects for this show and he’s playing with a few other expectations and conventions as well. As a teaser, here’s one of my latest favourites of Marks’:

Don’t forget- HMA6 Curates: Youth opens on the 8th at PIKTO in the Distillery. Feel free to RSVP on Facebook here so I can look forward to seeing you there.

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