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by Heather on May 17, 2011

I know, I know, it’s HMAb lite around here but this tour is zapping my best bits plus I’ve got a new job to focus on- more on that soon. In the meantime…

It has been my absolute pleasure this Winter/Spring to spend three sessions at Sheridan, speaking with the Applied Photography students about all sorts of things germane to their future lives in Commercial Photography. In my experience, Sheridan’s primacy as a photography school comes from its relevant commercial focus. Though most of the instructors have thriving Fine Art Practices, the courses maintain real connections to real working commercial photographers and those who hire them.

So good news- my travel postponement means that I will be able to attend Sheridan’s Grad Showcase this Thursday and you should too:

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a quick selection of grads I’m watching:

Danielle Coupland:

Luis Mora:

Rodrigo Daguerre (and with a name like that):

- – - – -

Also, I’d like to plug an upcoming assistant workshop here in Toronto, run by recent Sheridan Grad Rebecca Baran. I’ve been on set with Rebecca many times and like most female assistants I’ve worked with, she’s quick, eager, smart, professional… so, not a bad role model. Plus, Rebecca assures me:

I’m sure you get asked to plug a lot of things on your blog, but this one is particularly important! The industry needs some fresh meat! Some fresh meat that knows the client gets to eat first..

Very clever. If you’re an aspiring assistant, get more info from the Facebook page here.

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