A Year in the Life: In Which Grant Comes to Toronto and Jaime Doesn’t Wear Pants

by Heather on October 5, 2010

Grant Harder:

This past week has pretty much been a repeat of the week before so this is probably going to be on the shorter side of things- there was some scanning, a bit of processing for a Masterfile high resolution submission, a self assigned portrait session, some cold calling/hustling and little bit of stressing.

It’s damn stressful not having a paid job come through in a while and not having anything booked for the near future. This is the reality of being a freelancer, especially this early in my career. People say you are going to need some savings to dip into when things get slow in your first couple of years. They aren’t lying. The last two assistants I used have been paid. I feel good about that. And really, when it comes down to it, I’m still excited about the future. As far as I’m concerned it can only get better. I keep trying to remind myself that it has been less than a year since I stopped assisting and during that period I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a couple of dream-jobs. I just need to keep working at getting more of them.

On the self-assigned side of things I’m pretty excited about this location I’ve found outside of Vancouver. It’s perfect for shooting portraits. There is a nice variety of environments from beaches to grasslands to quiet neighborhoods. It also helps that two good friends of mine have a great place near the beach that they are kind enough to let me use. I wanted to take advantage of what the area has to offer and shoot a selection of different setups in a short amount of time. Ultimately I want to get work in the arena of stylish-celebrity/musician-type-portraits. I don’t have much interest in celebrity culture per say, but it would be a good thing to broaden what people might think to hire me for. Also, I think there is room for some creative portraiture in this area and that appeals to me. Here are my favs from the afternoon. Thanks to Jonas for taking the time to help out.

See you in Toronto for Flash Forward!

- – - – - –

Jaime Hogge:

I had an office job this week, basically. The difference being there was no commute, no grumpy boss and no pants required. Essentially 6 of the last 7 days were once again spent at my computer, plugging away at my backlog of work. The great news is that this week felt very productive, and though sitting at a desk all day did kind of suck, at least I’m in a better spot now than I was at the start.

I did shoot a tiny bit over the weekend, finishing up my work on the Toronto Life food guide. It was the last of my assignments from the late August/September rush so now that that’s in the bag I’m ready for some more.

So anyways, that productiveness that I mentioned, it might not sound that exciting but it is. All my editing save for one job appears to be done (though appearances can be deceiving), as does most of my paper work.

I also managed to update my website as planned, though I guess if you’ve been following along the blog it’s not as new and exciting for you. Actually, doing this blog makes it easier to figure out what needs updating and keep track of my work. Having the ‘Recent Work’ section on my site helps as well, I don’t know how I ever lived without it before. Another fun part of updating is digging through stuff that may have been overlooked previously; here’s a random that I meant to edit quite some time ago of former intern Emilie:

To coincide with the website update I also sent out an emailer. I sort of fell off the wagon as far as emailers are concerned, not having sent one since early spring if I remember correctly. This time around things were a little less time consuming. I could be wrong but it looks like Adbase has updated their site since my last attempt, which made the process pretty smooth. As for my results, my “opens” are down by about 5% from last time but my clicks are up so I suppose that’s what counts. Was it a case of crappy subject line, but better photos? Who knows… I want to start sending these out a little bit more regularly, then I think I’ll be able to get a better gauge of what’s working and what isn’t.

Next up for me is polishing off the last of my paperwork (this basically involves me filing the last of my loose receipts, swearing and looking for things I can’t find) and hopefully figuring out something with a book update. Bring on the work!

- – – – – –

The Year in the Life Project follows two junior shooters through their weekly adventures, trying to make a go of it, in the world of commercial photography.

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