A Year in the Life: In Which Jaime Gets a Job and Grant’s Summer Turns Around

by Heather on August 6, 2010

Jaime Hogge:

I got a job! It’s still summer and I got a job! Shooting a couple portraits for Toronto Life, next week I believe. Why is this exciting? Well, if you read back about 8 entries, you’ll see that it’s been absolutely dead since summer began.

Outside of that little tidbit it’s been a short week of getting re-organized. The shoots I had scheduled for this week have been pushed back once again to next week for various reasons. Apparently you should never trust a weather forecast. Kind of frustrating, but I do appreciate the down time to get prepared for the weeks ahead after a rather hectic long weekend.

One not so great event this week was my second (and last) monitor randomly dying on me. The good news is that I now have 22 inches of super high-res HD amazingness to edit on (pardon the mess):

The bad news is that I had to spend most of the money I barely had to get it. While this summer I was more prepared for the no-work thing, next year I’m going to add: being prepared for important gear going down. Granted it’s not so bad as last year when my shutter crapped out and took 1.5 months to replace, but still a pain nonetheless.

Well, hopefully my new assignments are a sign of things to come and this is my last boring entry. In honour of tonight being the end of my summer teams’ incredibly terrible regular season, I’ll leave you with a hockey stick:

- – - – - –

Grant Harder:

It wasn’t easy getting back to BC. After a day and a half of driving the car had enough and decided to call it quits. Finding a mechanic on a holiday at 4PM in any town is difficult. It was no different in Salmon Arm. Long story short- the hose went in the clutch and the part had to be ordered from Vancouver. Two days later we were on our way again. Besides this little hiccup, the past couple weeks of vacationing and such have been great.

I’ve been a little concerned as of late regarding the slowness of summer. That all turned around today. The dream stays alive. Days like today only come in second to shooting days. I woke up to an email requesting a portrait commission from a small publishing firm out of London. This job sounds like it will be super fun and involves an elite athlete (maybe there will be more on that next week…so secretive, I know). The middle of the day was spent dealing with an upcoming job for enRoute Magazine. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for this! Later this month I’ll be flying, driving and hiking for a week and I can’t wait. Lastly, this afternoon I had a portfolio meeting with a local magazine that sounds like it will lead to a job as early as next week. So all in all it was a pretty damn good day. I am kind of amazed by the whole thing (and that these updates only amounted to one paragraph).

Marketing works. Who knew? The next two weeks are potentially jam packed with shooting. There was time to market myself and now there will be no time. This staff of one could really use an extra hand. Where to from here? How do I keep this rolling? I suppose the rest of you are trying to figure that out as well…whether you have helping hands/employees/reps or not. Regardless, I am full steam ahead.

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The Year in the Life Project follows two junior shooters through their weekly adventures, trying to make a go of it, in the world of commercial photography.

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enrico gutierrez August 6, 2010 at 11:00 pm

Hi. I’m a long time lurker at this site. Really interesting and educational reading about your adventures. : ) I was just curious…what type of computer you use and camera? Since you said that your monitor blew like three times already and your shutter crapped out?

I am also starting my photography career and it made me think about setting aside some funds for gear breaking down. I am also guessing that you guys are shooting with film 24mm to 70 range?

Thanks and more power.

Jaime August 9, 2010 at 10:00 am

Hey Rico,
I had some BenQ monitors hooked up to my PowerMac which were the ones who died most recently. I don’t think it’s that uncommon with LCD’s really, just a pain.

As for my camera, I have a 1DsMkII. Any DSLR you get will have an expected shutter life – like a car needing maintenance after so many km’s. It’s definitely a good plan to have something set aside for repairs and/or having back up gear as you can’t exactly survive without it.

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