A Year in the Life Project: In Which Grant and Jaime Get Busy

by Heather on November 27, 2009

Jaime Hogge:

I’ve had one hell of a busy week. It always amazes me how physically and mentally exhausting photography can be. I’d say how I feel when I get home from a day of shooting is very similar to the way I feel after a game of hockey. I might not smell quite as bad, and odds are I have a few less cuts and bruises, but shooting can really wear you out nonetheless.

I had another top-secret Monday meeting this week; maybe this is going to be a new trend for me. The meeting was quite nice however locking my keys in the car after scoring some free parking was not so nice. Even less nice was the $70 it cost to get a tow truck driver to bust them out. I’m hoping that this was the last meeting with my now much maligned book. I’m still trying to find some graphic designer/art director types out there perhaps willing to swap services with me to layout my new book but that search isn’t going so well thus far.

Tuesday had me in the financial district shooting an assignment conveniently enough for Financial Post magazine. I ended up doing a portrait in a room that was slightly larger than a bathroom or large closet but I think it went quite well. I originally had some sorta-kinda elaborate ideas for the shoot, but once I actually got into the room that all went out the window and it was down to one light and a camera. The select from the shoot was pretty much the second frame I fired off after getting my lighting checks done. Oddly enough it’s the second time that’s happened on a shoot for FP now that I think of it.

On Wednesday I headed out to the town/city of Guelph (it’s about an hour north west of Toronto for the non-locals out there) for two days to do quite a bit of promo stuff for musician Gregory Pepper. I first did some stuff for Greg about 2 years ago which ended up going on the cover of a small weekly, and we’ve been pals ever since. It’s pretty cool that you can become friends with people while shooting that you otherwise would never have crossed paths with. Not that I’m best buds with everyone I shoot, but I try to be as personable as possible when it comes to doing portraits as I find there’s a certain comfort level that needs to be established to get really strong portraits. It just so happened that we both shared a terrible sense of humour and a love of all things Nirvana/Beatles/Fat Wreck Chords punk. I shot his latest album art last winter that consisted of many miniature paper creations and a cardboard stage. This time around his cardboard fetish had grown to a whole new disturbing level: a life size replica of his recording studio that he did a pretty damn good job on. Sticking with the theme of the week established on Tuesday, we were crammed into a tiny room in the back of his house where I had to contort myself just to get behind the camera. It was a little tricky and stressful making things work in such conditions but since this was all set up in his house there was really no schedule to stick to which made it a lot of fun. Not having any time constraints came in quite handy as building and fine tuning the set took a lot of time, as did figuring out how to fit 3 lights and a camera in there.

I stayed the night in Guelph and on Thursday Greg and I shot some portraits to go with the whole cardboard studio set up. It was great to shoot some portraits with no real point other than to make some nice looking photos. That may sound shallow but sometimes it’s nice to not have to convey any sort of meaning or theme and just make some nice photos.

The cardboard shots aren’t ready but here’s a Batman sighting and Greg looking tired of shooting. Today I start to climb the editing mountain, wish me luck.

© Jaime Hogge

© Jaime Hogge

© Jaime Hogge

© Jaime Hogge

- – - – - – -

Grant Harder

Heather recently wrote about the Poor But Sexy promo here. At that time seed9 was open for submissions for their next issue. I just found out a few days ago that I have been selected for volume two, due out in the spring of 2010. The other four photographers that have been chosen are Vicky Lam, Daniel Ehrenworth, RW Photographic and Reneta Kaveh. Wow. I’m in pretty good company. We will be submitting on the theme of ACTION! I’m excited to create a new body of work for the issue. I have a couple ideas bouncing around between my ears. That being said, I’m open to suggestions and ideas. You can read more about Poor But Sexy here.

There have been a lot of great things going on lately and I am happy to say that I’ve had to turn down assisting jobs for my own work (work that I love!). The phone has been ringing! Hopefully the Vancouver assistants can fatten up again with all the jobs that seem to be floating around. I haven’t made a conscious decision to completely stop assisting. It’s more along the lines of just not having the time. I did put in one day last week with Hubert Kang.

Not only do I not have much time for assisting, I don’t seem to have time for anything. The progression of my print portfolio has been halted. This is a bit frightening. As well, I recently had a bunch of selects made with Masterfile and need to upload high resolution files to them. I don’t need a photo assistant at the moment but I sure could use a personal assistant.

Vancouver Is Awesome is a federally incorporated non-profit dedicated to promoting everything that is great about Vancouver. They also have a flickr group. I spend a bit of time on flickr and contribute to the V.I.A. group. V.I.A chose 99 photographers, from their flickr group, to present work this coming week at Fortune Sound Club. I’m happy to be one of those selected. It’s a celebration of photography! The info is here.

Here are a couple of images of mine from flickr.

© Grant Harder

© Grant Harder

© Grant Harder

© Grant Harder

That’s me for this week.

A Year in the Life Project follows two junior shooters through their weekly adventures, trying to make a go of it, in the world of commercial photography.

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Don Giannatti November 27, 2009 at 12:15 pm

Hey guys… wow! You are putting it all out there for people to get an idea of what it takes. I commend you both for your work ethic, commitment to imagery and this project and, of course, the photography.

Great insight. I was once in your shoes – a long time ago – and it can be daunting. But time has a way of passing the bad stuff and keeping the good, and one day you wake up and there is work to do and the drive to do it.

Wishing you both great success.

And to Heather. This blog has become one of the most interesting, informative and downright cool places on the net.

Have a great week!

Heather November 27, 2009 at 1:19 pm

Thanks for the support and kind words Don! And yes, thanks to J&G for taking us on this journey.

Christine McAvoy November 27, 2009 at 2:48 pm

“It always amazes me how physically and mentally exhausting photography can be.” –I know!
I was in the middle of a shoot last night when I started having heart palpitations (that happens often) but then I got chest pains too (NOT often) and when my arm went tingling I ended my shoot and went to the hospital…
…my favourite part was when the doctor came in, started talking, and then stopped to stare at my pile of stuff: my camera backpack, my tripod, my laptop/case, my coat and the clothes i swapped for the hospital gown. I was an interesting sight to see.

(I’m okay for now, going back out today to shoot…they think it might be stress. hah.)

Grant – I’ll be there. VIA and I are pals.

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