APE’s Free Promotion

by Heather on March 26, 2008

Stop whatever you are doing and get yourself over to APE where Rob has announced that he’s setting up a FREE Flickr slideshow for photographers to promote their work. It’s juried by Rob (thank God) and you can only submit 2 images but this will be of huge benefit to all of us. Further to my posting last night about Source Books- this is a resource I’m excited about. Note his point that top shooters may be wary to submit for fear that they might be lumped in with sub-par work. The company you keep in these types of sourcebook-like compendiums is very important. If the images are “a waste of time for potential buyers to look at” we won’t look at any of them. And with that we’re back to the problem with sourcebooks.

And I’m hopeful I will see lots of Canadians in that slideshow. I can’t stress enough (and I think you know this) what a great opportunity this is to have your work seen by Buyers here (all six of us…) and beyond. And please note Rob’s focus on new work- as I said in my comment on the post, this is an important little point about your promotion and your book in general. It is disappointing when I see work still in the book from the last time I saw it a year ago… and a year before that. Keep it current.

Thanks Rob.

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