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May 2011


May 25, 2011

So last night’s talk was a success if I do say so myself. Many thanks to Luis Mora who took some snaps and to my fabulous panel who really brought the talk to another level with their candor and generosity. Thank you Anne-Maureen McKeating, Stuart Campbell, Jesse Senko! © Luis Mora If you’re reading this [...]

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Tonight in TO! (and Thursday in Vancouver!)

May 24, 2011

Well tonight’s the night for my big talk in Toronto, and as you can see from my Powerpoint thumbnails, it’s looking fantastic: Those black boxes are video clips from my virtual panel of experts. And don’t forget that I’ll be joined by a live panel of experts too for a Q&A. Anne-Maureen McKeating and Stuart [...]

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Excitement Builds

May 20, 2011

As I get closer to my talk in Toronto (May 24th) and Vancouver (May 26th), I’ve got some exciting news to share. The super talented Stuart Campbell has agreed to join my Toronto Image Buyer panel. After many years of award-winning work, Stuart has recently moved from John St to Sid Lee. Stuart is a [...]

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Upcoming (Photographers and Events)

May 17, 2011

I know, I know, it’s HMAb lite around here but this tour is zapping my best bits plus I’ve got a new job to focus on- more on that soon. In the meantime… It has been my absolute pleasure this Winter/Spring to spend three sessions at Sheridan, speaking with the Applied Photography students about all [...]

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A Doozy of a Risk with Daniel Ehrenworth

May 16, 2011

Stories of Risk continue to fold my inbox and each one is right on the money for different reasons. You’ll have to come to my talk to hear my commentary but in the meantime, here’s a great one from Daniel Ehrenworth: So the first real advertising job I ever shot was a bit of a [...]

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Russell Monk and his Riesgo

May 10, 2011

Since we are talking about Risk this month on HMAb, I thought it fitting to share with you some deeply beautiful work from a photographer who made a risky decision to relocate from Toronto to Mexico 8 years ago. Though Russell Monk keeps a home in Toronto, travels for work constantly (off to Tibet and [...]

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Risky Manifesto

May 8, 2011

So with little more than a week before my first speaking engagement (Halifax- I’m looking at you!), I’m in promotional overdrive this week. I’m getting super stoked about the tour and my chosen theme: RISK. Here’s the latest spiel: Risk Everything How much Risk are YOU bringing to your photography practice? It may be tough [...]

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Crazy Days of May

May 2, 2011

May is always a busy time for me. It’s overflowing with promising photography events in Toronto, plus this year I’m taking it all on the road- bringing the joy that is HMAb to a city near you. But it’s not just me and a suitcase full of odd promos that’s coming your way- this time, [...]

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