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August 2010

A Year in the Life: Back at It

August 26, 2010

Jaime Hogge: I don’t have any exciting tales of hiking or fancy hotels, but I think my unintentional summer vacation is just about over, and I’m pretty happy about it. I don’t exactly remember where we left off last time, (my brain has been a little scrambled, I think I need some adult Ritalin) so [...]

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Layout to Finished Product: Tyler Gray Shares

August 25, 2010

If I was blogging (which I’m not- too busy with paying work), I would encourage you to visit Westside Studio’s blog to see a little making-of post. Tyler Gray shows you the original layout, location pics, elements he’ll add in post and explains part of his approach to getting the shot. I’d love to see [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Grant Is Too Busy to Reschedule and Jaime is Too Busy to Post

August 13, 2010

Grant Harder: This week started off pretty sweet. On Monday I shot a portrait of David Suzuki for Vancouver Magazine. It was a great opportunity all around. I’ve wanted to work with Vancouver Magazine for a while now and to get the call to shoot Suzuki right out of the gate was a blessing. The [...]

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Work Comes First

August 10, 2010

Sorry guys but I’m booked on a super big job for the next month or so. Subsequently, posting will be very very infrequent. Don’t forget, there’s lots in the archives and Jaime and Grant will keep truckin’ on every Friday. Fashion is not really my thing but in the research of the last few days [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Jaime Gets a Job and Grant’s Summer Turns Around

August 6, 2010

Jaime Hogge: I got a job! It’s still summer and I got a job! Shooting a couple portraits for Toronto Life, next week I believe. Why is this exciting? Well, if you read back about 8 entries, you’ll see that it’s been absolutely dead since summer began. Outside of that little tidbit it’s been a [...]

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