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July 2010

A Year in the Life: In Which Grant is Dis-Connected and Jaime Looks for Some Wax Paper

July 30, 2010

Grant Harder: Today consisted of swimming, visiting caves and eating ice cream. I’m still on vacation in Manitoba and loving life. So photography wise I can’t say much is going on worth mentioning to the blog-o-sphere. Thanks to The Pas’ Library I’ve checked email once in the last five days and thanks to Rogers I [...]

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A Belated Vacation Notice

July 27, 2010

I’ll be spending most of this week and next under water. Jaime and Grant will be coming through with their posts on Friday but not me. I’ll be here:

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A Year in the Life: In Lieu of Whining, a Check-In from Grant

July 22, 2010

As per yesterday’s post from Jaime, Grant is reflecting on what the last almost-year of A Year in the Life has meant for him. A bowl of cherries apparently! Grant Harder: For me the last year has been a bit of a roller coaster ride of ups, downs, tight corners and a current pesky water [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Lieu of Whining, a Check-in from Jaime

July 21, 2010

Earlier this week, I received this note from Jaime: Grant and I have been sharing emails the past couple weeks since no one else is emailing us at the moment and this week appears to be more of the same for both of us. I’m not really sure people want to read about us whining [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: Choosing Promo Images, Chatty Emails and the Pitfalls of a Lack of Experience

July 21, 2010

Another video with answers to three! questions: HMAb: Ask an Art Buyer: Lack of Experience and Other Questions from Heather Morton on Vimeo. Here is a sample of Jonathan’s Saunders e-newsletter. Read more of what I think about this here and here. And here are this week’s questions for your reference: And from Terence Patrick: [...]

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Stills and Motion at Sugino Studio

July 19, 2010

I’m not sure any of us really know what the future holds in terms of still photography in the face of so many demands for interactivity. At the same time, there are more opportunities for photographers to develop their motion chops. Today, I thought we’d take a look at Sugino Studio where they have all [...]

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The Lounge: Stash Artists

July 18, 2010

Launched earlier this spring, the website explains: STASH a collection of artists that share ideology and aesthetic before craft. Stash represents, but is not limited to, photographers, illustrators, designers and film makers. Beyond the traditional work-to-order approach to production, Stash advocates a spontaneous, commission style approach with a respect for the artist’s personal working process. [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Grant and Jaime Shoot Some Food

July 16, 2010

Grant Harder: Oh, hello. It’s been a while. I just arrived back to the office from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts where I was asked to be a guest speaker. Katie Huisman, an old friend from my first few months of assisting, is teaching a couple courses at the school and asked me to [...]

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Art Buying Best Practices: Facilitating Collaboration on Nadav Kander’s Monte Carlo Campaign

July 14, 2010

Last month, Kristina Feliciano at the Stockland Martel blog posted an interview with the creative team behind Nadav Kander’s Monte Carlo campaign. Some shots from that work: After reading the article, I was really curious about a few things the creative team mentioned in regards to how they approached the shoot. I think AB’s are [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: A Promo Review- Recent Arrivals in my Mailbox

July 13, 2010

Here’s another video for ya. One little correction, I’m actually not on holiday- I planned to post this last week and then that didn’t work out so my intro is a bit outdated. And the crazy image that I hold up at the end featuring Elmo is called, I Hate Parades, Let’s Get a Drink [...]

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