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April 2010

A Year in the Life: In Which Grant Learns a Lesson and Jaime Rushes Together his Book

April 30, 2010

Grant Harder: This week, out of left field, came a job from an industry magazine called Pulp and Paper Canada. I have ADBASE to thank for that one. Yes! It works! I just walked in the door from shooting the cover out in New Westminster. I didn’t factor time in for getting held up at [...]

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Finn O’Hara discusses Video

April 29, 2010

I know this is old news but last summer Finn O’Hara bagged a super cool assignment with Canada Tourism which took him on a massive trip across Canada shooting both stills and video. Some work from that series: (Mmmm, Montreal bagels. And maybe I’m just hungry but notice how beautiful that steaming smoked meat looks): [...]

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HMAb Live!

April 27, 2010

If there’s one event you don’t want to miss during Contact, it’s my party: * Now with it’s own HMAb Live! Facebook Event listing here. Many thanks to my awesome sponsors: • ADBASE and FoundFolios have always been big supporters of HMAb and for that I’m ever-so grateful. They’ve got lots of cool things in [...]

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The Lounge: Poor But Sexy, Volume Two

April 26, 2010

Well the power team that is Seed9 has done it again. Volume two of Poor But Sexy is out and on my living room floor. This issue’s theme: Action. Some spreads: I’ll echo what I said about the inaugural PBS book I received last fall- I love the diversity and the inclusion of artists from [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Jaime is Go Go Go and Grant Plans his Trip

April 23, 2010

Jaime Hogge: To be perfectly honest I’m not sure when last week ended and this week started as it’s been go go go in my neck of the woods. I think this is actually the absolute busiest I’ve ever been and although it’s extremely exhausting, it’s extremely awesome. Rather than blabber on about everything that’s [...]

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Some Very Personal (and very old) Inspiration

April 21, 2010

So I’m dealing with a sudden basement renovation this week which has meant that my time, which is stretched super thin at the best of times has not allowed for me to contribute any of my own blog content this week. But, as luck would have it, while cleaning out the basement for said reno [...]

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The Whole 9 Yards: Word to the Wise Assistant!

April 19, 2010

Via Kendra: This week we’ve got some advice for assistants. I received the note below in response to the last few W9Y posts about photographers treating assistants in a manner less than desirable. It comes from a photographer who had some sentiments on the topic. Shock, empathy and then some advice for assistants out there [...]

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The Lounge: Hamish Hamilton

April 18, 2010

As anyone who’s worked with me knows, good production is something I value heavily. Here in town, I love working with Courtney Boyd of Pulp Rosetta- she and I share the same roots- both of us having produced full time for Tom Feiler in the past. But my recent trip to Vancouver brought me in [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Grant asks about NYPH and Jaime Gets a Cool Gig

April 15, 2010

Grant Harder: I’m kind of a closet Neil Diamond fan. There are only two of his albums in my collection; both are live and on vinyl. One of my favorite songs is the fab-foot-stomper, Thank the Lord for the Night Time. As of late, I can’t help substituting ‘night time’ with ‘sunshine’. Spring has arrived. [...]

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Theft by Condom

April 15, 2010

Daryl Banks is a local shooter who has recently run into some trouble with copyright infringement with a series of his called Crinoline Flowers: Through an anonymous tip, Daryl learned that this series was being used without permission by a condom company from the UK and China. Though he tried many times to contact the [...]

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