Summer Vacation, Part II

by Heather on August 13, 2008

Well, before I was just busy, now I’m actually taking a vacation. But I thought you needed a change of scenery.

The photograph in my last post peaked your interest didn’t it? Was it shot with a Lomo? Maybe a Holga…? Nope. That’s the work of a Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera. It retails for around $70 and you can drop it all you want and it will still give you a hazy, romantic image.

But I think we should switch gears from Sentimental summer to Sexy summer and I’ve found the perfect shot:


Raina Kirn

If you haven’t checked out Raina Kirn’s Blog you should (if only to see this shot the way it was meant to be seen- much bigger). She’s one half of local shooting duo Raina & Wilson but her blog is 100% Raina. I took a break from watching the Canadian Olympic team score no medals to ask her some questions:

This is a big production- what gives? Just for the Blog? Just for fun?

This shot was created purely for fun and for my blog. It was inspired by my friend’s quote, “I am the President of the Single Women’s Society, Dare to dream!” Initially I had paired up this quote with an existing snapshot but then I met my neighbour, the star of the shot, and he oozed of Presidential Material. The jeep and bikes are his, as well as the blue kiddie pool, and I thought, all that’s missing is an entourage of babes in bikinis, some summer sizzle.

It was a big production to pull the shoot together but it was on a total shoestring budget as it’s not connected to my commercial work at RW Photographic and it wasn’t intended to be shown for commercial promotion. Everyone involved volunteered their time, none of the talent are pro- they are friends, or friends of friends, or women I met out at art galleries, concerts, restaurants and bars. It’s an homage to all the fabulous women out there in the world.

Can you talk about the relationship between the quotes and the pictures on your blog?

I love pairing up quotes and images to create interesting narratives. I’ve been collecting quotes from people for a number of years now. I have a huge box of them- most are written on the back of receipts, post-its, napkins or scraps of paper and unfortunately I’m terribly lazy in terms of transcribing them into a more organized format, but I do have a ton of material to work with and draw from. When I first started the blog I would combine a photo and a quote to tell a story but lately the quotes have been inspiring me to shoot specifically for them, as is the case with this shot.

Anything interesting happened to you as a result of your blog?

It’s definitely rekindled my love for photography and encouraged me to shoot more, especially for fun. I take my camera everywhere with me now and am constantly inspired by people and my surroundings. It’s a fun, spontaneous, creative outlet that keeps evolving (and varies quite a bit stylistically), but essentially I’m creating for me and it makes me happy.

Speaking of Blogs, I need a couple more weeks. I’m thinking Back to school, Back to Blog. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer.

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Caitlin Robinson August 14, 2008 at 9:25 am





Julia Menassa August 14, 2008 at 11:12 am

I love your blog Raina! great photo – btw Lisa looks fabulous! miss you guys! Julia

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