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The Lounge: Stash Artists

July 18, 2010

Launched earlier this spring, the website explains: STASH a collection of artists that share ideology and aesthetic before craft. Stash represents, but is not limited to, photographers, illustrators, designers and film makers. Beyond the traditional work-to-order approach to production, Stash advocates a spontaneous, commission style approach with a respect for the artist’s personal working process. [...]

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The Lounge: Adam Amengual

July 11, 2010

When I selected Jaime and Grant for my Year in the Life Project last fall, Adam Amengual was on the shortlist. Getting ready to relocate to LA from New York, I liked a lot of Adam’s work and was curious about the idea of following his move. In the end, though I decided to keep [...]

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The Lounge: Andrew Hetherington

June 27, 2010

The charming Andrew Hetherington has a new website and being an able amalgam of blog, magazine and portfolio, it just might redefine the way photographers show their work. It looks like this: Truthfully, I’m not sure I’m down with it but I like Andrew a lot- What’s the Jackanory? is an inspiration, and a marvel [...]

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The Lounge: Reynard Li

June 6, 2010

© Reynard Li An ex-pat from Calgary, Reynard Li has spent the last 8 years in NYC. Perhaps the most striking body(s) of work on his site are his Journals. I asked him about his experiences in New York and his recent move to Toronto- more on that below but I wanted to jump right [...]

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The Lounge: Matthew Tammaro

May 31, 2010

One of the very first photography books I ever bought was a second-hand catalogue from a 1995 ICA show called The Boston School (I think that was the title- the book is long gone now- if anyone knows where I can get another copy- send a note) and I have always had an affinity for [...]

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The Lounge: Contact 2010

May 3, 2010

Drained doesn’t begin to describe how I feel after the end of Day One of Portfolio Reviews at Contact. Nevermind, the festival is already underway so let’s just quickly suggest some things you won’t want to miss (other than my party of course). To start, I’m spending all day today at the Gladstone which means [...]

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The Lounge: Poor But Sexy, Volume Two

April 26, 2010

Well the power team that is Seed9 has done it again. Volume two of Poor But Sexy is out and on my living room floor. This issue’s theme: Action. Some spreads: I’ll echo what I said about the inaugural PBS book I received last fall- I love the diversity and the inclusion of artists from [...]

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The Lounge: Hamish Hamilton

April 18, 2010

As anyone who’s worked with me knows, good production is something I value heavily. Here in town, I love working with Courtney Boyd of Pulp Rosetta- she and I share the same roots- both of us having produced full time for Tom Feiler in the past. But my recent trip to Vancouver brought me in [...]

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The Lounge: Alternatives to Stock

April 13, 2010

Continuing on the stock-photography discussions of last week, I thought it might be interesting to look at a few shooters who are really owning a style that lends itself to custom image libraries. Without question, this is one area of commercial photography that seems to be on the rise (I’ve been pushing my banking and [...]

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The Lounge: Andre Pinces

April 5, 2010

Guest blogger tonight: Leila Courey is the Senior Art Buyer at Leo Burnett Toronto and just finished judging the PDN Photo Annual. I know lately it’s been all Vancouver all the time with HMAb, but these days Leila’s pretty excited about Vancouver-via-NYC shooter Andre Pinces. So excited she’s done a big fat interview with him. [...]

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