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A Year in the Life

A Year in the Life: In Which Grant Comes to Toronto and Jaime Doesn’t Wear Pants

October 5, 2010

Grant Harder: This past week has pretty much been a repeat of the week before so this is probably going to be on the shorter side of things- there was some scanning, a bit of processing for a Masterfile high resolution submission, a self assigned portrait session, some cold calling/hustling and little bit of stressing. [...]

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A Year in the Life in Which Jaime Still Hasn’t Updated his Website and Grant Compares Promotion to Dating

September 26, 2010

Jaime Hogge: Recovery week. Sort of. Though this week wasn’t quite as jam packed with shooty goodness as the past couple, I still managed to keep quite busy getting caught up. Really for the most part, my entire week was spent with my face glued to my computer screen, working Capture One and Photoshop to [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Grant Puts Together a Mailer and Jaime Goes to the Burbs

September 17, 2010

Grant Harder: Well, we’re half way through September and that scares the sh*t out of me. I feel like 2010 is choking me out. The squeeze is on. Is there ever enough time? With the absence of any paid work this week I put together a little portrait/lens and camera test session. This is about [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Jaime Deals with Scheduling Challenges and Grant Works with Concrete

September 10, 2010

Jaime Hogge: You want free parking? Give me a call. I have been super, super busy once again this week doing location work nearly every single day, and I’ve managed to only spend $1.75 on parking. I feel like I can find free parking anywhere in city just about now. How does this help me [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Grant Guest Blogs Somewhere Else and Jaime Shows Us His Neighbourhood

September 3, 2010

Grant Harder: Just when I was starting to feel the pressure of not having a job coming up… a little something came my way. Brian Morgan, AD at The Walrus, got in touch to shoot a job this week. You have to love returning clients. Now that I’m getting a little busier and that I [...]

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A Year in the Life: Back at It

August 26, 2010

Jaime Hogge: I don’t have any exciting tales of hiking or fancy hotels, but I think my unintentional summer vacation is just about over, and I’m pretty happy about it. I don’t exactly remember where we left off last time, (my brain has been a little scrambled, I think I need some adult Ritalin) so [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Grant Is Too Busy to Reschedule and Jaime is Too Busy to Post

August 13, 2010

Grant Harder: This week started off pretty sweet. On Monday I shot a portrait of David Suzuki for Vancouver Magazine. It was a great opportunity all around. I’ve wanted to work with Vancouver Magazine for a while now and to get the call to shoot Suzuki right out of the gate was a blessing. The [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Jaime Gets a Job and Grant’s Summer Turns Around

August 6, 2010

Jaime Hogge: I got a job! It’s still summer and I got a job! Shooting a couple portraits for Toronto Life, next week I believe. Why is this exciting? Well, if you read back about 8 entries, you’ll see that it’s been absolutely dead since summer began. Outside of that little tidbit it’s been a [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Which Grant is Dis-Connected and Jaime Looks for Some Wax Paper

July 30, 2010

Grant Harder: Today consisted of swimming, visiting caves and eating ice cream. I’m still on vacation in Manitoba and loving life. So photography wise I can’t say much is going on worth mentioning to the blog-o-sphere. Thanks to The Pas’ Library I’ve checked email once in the last five days and thanks to Rogers I [...]

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A Year in the Life: In Lieu of Whining, a Check-In from Grant

July 22, 2010

As per yesterday’s post from Jaime, Grant is reflecting on what the last almost-year of A Year in the Life has meant for him. A bowl of cherries apparently! Grant Harder: For me the last year has been a bit of a roller coaster ride of ups, downs, tight corners and a current pesky water [...]

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