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Ask an Art Buyer: A Promo Review- Recent Arrivals in my Mailbox

July 13, 2010

Here’s another video for ya. One little correction, I’m actually not on holiday- I planned to post this last week and then that didn’t work out so my intro is a bit outdated. And the crazy image that I hold up at the end featuring Elmo is called, I Hate Parades, Let’s Get a Drink [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: Targeting and Evaluating your Promotion

June 30, 2010

Another video: HMAb: Ask an Art Buyer: Targeting and Evaluating Your Promotion from Heather Morton on Vimeo. For reference, here’s Ryan Roger’s question in full. I have an account with agency access, and have been sending out printed promos. My response has been lackluster. I wonder if I’m sending to the wrong people though. Do [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: Video Podcast re:Non-traditional Promotion and Showing Wedding Work

June 1, 2010

OMG this is exciting. My first ever AanAB broadcast. Hope you like: HMAb: Ask an Art Buyer: Non-traditional promos from Heather Morton on Vimeo. The second question (which we’ll address in a more traditional way) comes from Michael Gross: I have been shooting commercially in NYC for 2 years, before that I assisted here for [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: Homage or Copyright Infringement?

March 30, 2010

Even though our illustrious Guest Art Buyer Anne-Maureen McKeating is right this very minute at the Palm Springs Photo Festival, she’s been able to prerecord a little Ask an Art Buyer for your reading pleasure. But first, lets have a quick look at a shot from our askee- Meghan Petersen. Although I like Meghan’s work [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: In Person in Vancouver

March 21, 2010

If I do say so, my talk on Thursday night at Sugar Studios in Vancouver is going to be a good one. I’ve got the big suitcase already half packed with some great promotional samples to share with you and my powerpoint presentation is looking awesome: One of the most exciting things about actually speaking [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: Marketability with Maureen Martel

February 24, 2010

Awhile ago, Miki Johnston at Resolve posted an interview with Bill Stockland and Maureen Martel (of kingpin agency Stockland Martel) about how they find and choose photographers. At one point Maureen mentions how important marketability is when she’s assessing a photographers work. She says: Application for the marketplace is also key. Key key, key key, [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: A Business Plan for a Retoucher

February 17, 2010

Today’s question comes from retoucher Katarina Marinic. She’s worked on some great campaigns: Her question: Right now I am working as a retoucher, I have been doing this since I graduated almost five years ago from Sheridan college. I studied photography, and still love doing it (I exhibit my personal work as much as I [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: Trashed Portfolios

February 9, 2010

Christian Girabaldi just sent me a lovely picture of his brand new business cards. Have a look: Given the care with which Christian has designed, printed and then lit his beautiful cards, his question is understandable and apropos. Hopefully it doesn’t seem too silly. I was curious, in your experience since you as well as [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer (With Special Guest Star Anne-Maureen McKeating): Questions for AB’s and Web Presence

February 2, 2010

You’ll be glad to know that the persistent threat of “I’m too busy” (which hangs over this blog like the Sword of Damocles) has turned into a call to action. I’ve roped the illustrious Anne-Maureen McKeating, who oversees Art Buying at Taxi, into helping me in an ongoing fashion with AanAB. She’s a firecracker and [...]

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Ask an Art Buyer: Bundling Retouching and Protecting your Ideas

January 21, 2010

One of the biggest drags about this blog is how hard it is to find something in the archives. I find it maddeningly difficult so I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you. This problem will be somewhat alleviated when I put together a “Best of AanAB” book that you can buy, and [...]

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